PocketMode: Jailbreak Tweak Increases Ringer Volume When iPhone Is In Your Pocket

Cheap iPhone?

Have you missed a phone call when your iPhone is in your pocket because you didn’t hear it ring?

If so, then checkout the jailbreak tweak called PocketMode that is available Cydia for a jailbroken iPhone.

Here’s the description of the jailbreak tweak developed by Nick Dawson from Cydia:

PocketMode detects your phone is in your pocket or bag and makes the phone gradually ring louder to alert you when you receive calls or texts. As soon as you take the phone out or answer the call the ring volume returns to normal. Perfect for those who don’t want a noisy phone all the time but don’t want to miss important phone calls.

Dawson also goes on to explain how it works:

PocketMode works by using the ambient light sensor to detect the darkness of a pocket or bag.

You can enable night mode to disable PocketMode, if you don’t want your phone ringing louder at night. You can also customize how fast you want the volume to increase.

PocketMode is available on Cydia for $1.49. Please note that installing the jailbreak tweak does not add an icon to the home screen. You can change the options for the jailbreak tweak via the Settings app.

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[via Gizmodo]