iPhone Vs. Android: Battle Of The States

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comScore – a leader in measuring the digital world released smartphone subscriber numbers for the second quarter of 2011. According to comScore, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS continue to grow, though Android seems to be growing at much faster pace. Android now has 40.1% of the market share of U.S. smartphone subscribers, up by 5.4%  from March, 2011, while Apple is now in second place with 26.6% market share even though it grew by 1.1%.

As one would expect, this was at the expense of RIM’s BlackBerry  (23.4 percent), Microsoft’s mobile operating systems (5.8 percent) and Nokia’s Symbian OS (2.0 percent).

Folks at Jumptap, a mobile ad network have published an report, which presents the data with a map to show which states have more Android or iOS activity versus other mobile operating system across its ad network that reaches 83 million mobile users.

TechCrunch reports:

According to Jumptap, Southern and Western states like Florida, Texas, California, and Oregon over-index for Android. Whereas the Midwest and New England states are dominated by Apple devices. Strangely, New York state is neither. It is one of the few remaining Blackberry strongholds.

According to the report, Apple’s iOS is still the preferred mobile OS for advertisers as the 0.78 percent click-through is better than Android’s 0.47 percent click-through rate.

As TechCrunch points out, expect this trend to change when Apple releases it’s next generation iPhone and iPod Touch in September or October.

Though it was interesting to see which mobile operating system is the most dominant in a particular state in the U.S., we were surprised to see that BlackBerry is still the dominating mobile operating system in some of the states.

Are you surprised by the results?

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