Skype For iPad Finally Available In App Store

Skype For iPad Now Available

After battling a video leak and a premature release, Skype for iPad is finally live on the App Store.

All features of the iPhone app are available on the iPad app, difference being that the app now utilizes the extra screen real estate available on the iPad. The iPad 2 cameras make it an ideal video chatting device and that is what compelled Skype to release a native app for the iPad.

Skye for iPad includes the following features:

  • Two-way video calling. With Skype video calling available on iPhones, as well as in Skype for Android, Skype for Mac, Skype for Windows, Skype on HDTVs and more – you can connect to over 170 million Skype connected users worldwide.
  • Instant messaging. You can even instant message during a video call on your iPad, with emoticons to personalize your message.
  • Simple to view contacts. Contacts are now displayed in a grid on Skype for iPad, showing large avatar photos – making it easy to find your contacts and conversations.
  • Easy navigation. Find your recent Skype conversations and history at the touch of a button making searching simple.
  • Simple SMS texting. An SMS text message can be sent by simply opening a contact and selecting SEND SMS or by opening the dial pad, typing in the number you wish to SMS and then typing your message.

Skype for iPad has features like instant messaging while video calling, a grid like contacts view, easier navigation and one tap Skype history access, some of which can be seen in the images and video below:

Skype is in the middle of being acquired by Microsoft and this would be a worthy addition to its iOS apps catalogue. Clearly Microsoft isn’t willing to leave more than 200 million iOS users out in the cold, despite having its own Mobile OS.

The app works on all iPad models with iOS 4.0 or above, although the iPad 1 can only receive video. It is available as a free download on the App Store.

Download the iPad app and tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

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