STMicroelectronics – iPhone Gyroscope Supplier Makes Next Generation Gyroscope Chips Even Smaller

iPhone gyroscope

One way to figure out what to expect in the next generation iPhone is to keep an eye on Apple’s component manufacturers.

AllThingsD reports that Italian-French semiconductor company STMicroelectronics that supplies the gyroscope for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will announce that it has made its gyroscope chips even smaller. 

The gyroscope along with the accelerometer makes devices like the iPhone 4 capable of advanced motion sensing such as user acceleration, full 3D attitude, and rotation rate.

AllThingsD reports:

STMicro today announced that it has made its gyroscope chips even smaller than before. The most recent one was about about 17 cubic millimeters, and the new one is just slightly above 10 cubic millimeters. What’s the point in making them smaller? For one, real estate inside a device like an iPhone is precious, so when any one component gets smaller, designers have more space to work with. And often smaller parts require incrementally less power, which means only good things for battery life.

So it is quite likely that the next generation gyroscope chip will make it to iPhone 5, which is widely expected to be launched in the first or second week of October and rumored to be thinner than iPhone 4.

You can checkout the video below of Steve Jobs introducing gyroscope for iPhone 4 at last year’s WWDC Keynote address:

Though Apple gets most of the credit for innovations around their iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, it wouldn’t have been possible without component manufacturers like STMicroelectronics who are also working hard to be at the cutting edge of technology in their field.

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