Apple Seeds iTunes 10.5 Beta 8 And iWork For iOS Beta 3 To Developers; Tells Them To Get Apps Ready for iCloud Backup & Restore

iTunes Match

Apple has seeded iTunes 10.5 beta 8 with iTunes Match and iWork for iOS beta 3 to developers of iOS Developer program.

According to the release notes, the latest beta version of iTunes 10.5 includes several performance improvements and bug fixes and is required for all subscribers to iTunes Match beta, which is currently available only to developers.

Tipb reports that Apple has advised developers to start getting their apps ready for iCloud Backup and Restore. Apple has put up the following message on the News and Announcements page for developers:

Get Your App Ready for iCloud Backup and Restore

iCloud introduces a smarter way for users to back up their info. It’s important to read the new iCloud Data Storage Guidelines to ensure that your app works best with iCloud Backup and Restore, available on iOS 5.

iTunes 10.5 beta with iTunes Match is currently only available for Mac. iTunes Match is a new service that Apple had unveiled along with iOS 5 and iCloud at the WWDC 2011 Keynote addressin June. It allows users to store their entire music collection (up to 25,000 songs), including songs that they’ve ripped from CDs or purchased from anywhere else in iCloud.

Apple is expected to release iOS 5 – its next generation mobile operating system and iCloud – its new cloud-based services just before or along with iPhone 5 launch in the next few weeks.