iPhone 5 Will Arrive On October 13th/14th If It Is Unveiled On October 4th?

Tim Cook iPhone 5 Media event

So it looks like we finally have a date for Apple’s big media event when it is expected to launch iPhone 5.

The thing that everyone probably wants to know is when can we get our hands on Apple’s fifth generation iPhone 5, if Apple unveils it on October 4th. Fortune reports that according to Brian White, an analyst at Ticonderoga, the time between unveiling and releasing iPhone 5 will be considerably short this year, especially since it has been delayed.

Fortune reports:

Paczkowski’s sources say “within a few weeks.” But in a note to clients Tuesday, Ticonderoga’s Brian White suggests that the lag time between unveiling and release is likely to be considerably shorter than that, especially given how late in the year the iPhone 5 event is occurring.

Philip Elmer-Dewitt of Fortune has also published a nice table as you can see below, which shows previous lag-times between unveiling and releasing a new iPhone or iPad.

  • The first iPhone was released 171 days after it was unveiled.
  • iPhone 3G was released after 32 days.
  • iPhone 3GS after 11 days
  • iPad 1 after 66 days
  • iPhone 4 after 17 days
  • And iPad 2 just after 9 days

Based on the previous lag-times and assuming this year will be even sooner, iPhone 5 could be released earliest by October 13th or October 14th as Apple usually prefers to launch a new iPhone on a Thursday or Friday (a lag time of 9 to 10 days). In which case, Apple will probably begin iPhone 5 pre-orders immediately after the media event.

If you don’t live in US, UK, France, Germany and Japan (usually the countries to first get the new iPhone) and wondering when it will be available in your country then the good news is that the waiting time will be considerably shorter this time. Fortune reports:

White also believes that the international ramp-up for Apple’s 228 carriers will be faster than it was for the iPhone 4, and that China will play a more important role than ever.

Please note that this is pure speculation on our part based on previous lag times so please take it with a pinch of salt.

Do you plan to pre-order iPhone 5 as soon as it is available or will you wait for the early reviews to come in? Let us know in the comments.

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