More Evidence Of Apple’s ‘Find My Friends’ Service

iPhone 5

Back in January, we had discovered references in iOS 4.3, which indicated that Apple was working on a service called ‘Find My Friends’. Along with Find My Friends, we had also discovered references to “Photo Stream”, which has already made it to iOS 5’s official feature list, which had raised questions whether Apple had scrapped the ‘Find My Friends’ project.

 reports that they’ve got a tip from an anonymous source, claiming that he has discovered references to ‘Find My Friends’ in an online support tool for MobileMe, which is being replaced by iCloud, suggesting that Apple may introduce the new “Find My Friends” feature when it launches iCloud this fall.

It is speculated that Apple’s ‘Find My Friends’ feature will work like location-based services such as Google Latitude, Loopt etc. that allow you to stay in touch with your family and friends by making it easy to share your location and see each other on a map.

AppleInsider reports:

The details were anonymously provided to AppleInsider by a person who said they were “digging around” when they came across an online support tool for MobileMe, Apple’s iCloud predecessor. The authenticity of the code cannot be verified, but a “Find My Friends” feature was also referenced earlier this year in an iOS 4.3 beta.

The tipster claims they looked at the HTML accompanying the page they accessed, and found references to the rumored “Find My Friends” service.

As you can see in the image above, the code also has references to standard social networking functions, like “Status”, “People I am following”, “People following me” and lots more.

AppleInsider goes on to add:

Potentially lending support to the authenticity of the alleged iCloud website HTML, it references “Streams” of pictures and videos uploaded through the service. It includes code for “Picture and Video Count,” “Max Limit,” “Last Upload,” and “UDID,” for the unique identifying number for an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

It remains to be seen if Apple will introduce the ‘Find My Friends” service.

What do you think? Do you think Apple should launch this service or we already have enough places to post status updates?

[via AppleInsider]