White iPhone 4S Shows Up In AT&T’s Internal System?

Apple is widely speculated to launch two new iPhone models – a cheaper entry-level iPhone model that looks like iPhone 4, which has been dubbed iPhone 4S and a redesigned iPhone 5.

Engadget has published a screenshot from AT&T’s internal system, which indicates that AT&T is at least preparing for the iPhone 4S launch.

Engadget reports:

Judging from the clandestine screenshot you see above, it most certainly seems like that’s the case. A helpful tipster sent us this tasty morsel, from AT&T’s internal system, listing the “iPhone 4s White” beneath a handful of already familiar Apple handsets. Could it be? Is Cupertino actually planning on bringing a white version of its next iPhone out at launch?

According to some reports, iPhone 4S will be the new entry-level iPhone model that looks like iPhone 4 with only 8GB storage capacity, which will be offered in both post paid and prepaid plan. A prepaid iPhone 4S would be a big deal as analysts believe that iPhone 4S that is unlocked, priced around $349, and comes with a pre-paid voice plan would “drive significantly greater penetration” into an addressable market that has grown to include 1.5 billion potential customers in 98 countries, two thirds of whom prefer pre-paid plans.

[via Engadget]