Apple Launches AppleCare+ For iPhone Users; Extended Warranty Also Covers Accidental Damage


Apple has introduced a new product called AppleCare+ for iPhone users. AppleCare+ will be available for $99 and it essentially extends the 90 day technical support and one year of hardware repair coverage that you get when you buy an iPhone, to two years.

Apple’s new extended warranty coverage for the iPhone will be available from October 14th – iPhone 4S launch day.  

AppleCare+ also includes coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage due to handling. Apple says it will charge $49 as service fee for replacement of devices. The replacement device could either be new or refurbished. AppleCare+ replaces AppleCare that was available for $69.

Here’s a look at what the hardware coverage includes:

AppleCare+provides repair or replacement coverage, both parts and labor, from Apple-authorized technicians. Service coverage includes the following:

  • Your iPhone
  • Battery
  • Included earphones and accessories
  • Coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage from handling, each subject to a $49 service fee.

AppleCare+ will be available for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

Carriers like Verizon and AT&T also offer insurance plans for the iPhone. AT&T’s Mobile Insurance plan costs $4.99 $6.99 per month and $50 or $125 $199 deductible for each claim depending on the particular model, while Verizon Wireless offers a $10.99 per month insurance plan to iPhone users with a $169 deductible for the 16GB model and a $199 deductible for the 32GB model. The only downside of AppleCare+ is it does not seem to cover theft or if you lose your iPhone.

We would recommend AppleCare+ or any of the insurance plans if you’re clumsy like us and plan to use iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 without a case or bumper.


Updated the article with the latest premium and deductible for AT&T’s Mobile insurance. Thanks Zero for pointing it out.

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