Apple’s iPad Grabs 97% of Tablet-Based Internet Traffic; Races Past iPhone

iPad 2

comScore released a report yesterday that analyzes internet consumption in light of recent cross-platform trends. It highlights iPads as being the top consumer of tablet-based traffic with an overwhelming 97% of the tablet market. They also account for more traffic than iPhones, highlighting how tablets are making some new market trends.

The report’s scope includes non-computer based access – such as cell phones and tablets – and compares it in light of total traffic and activity through the month of August 2011. Overall, the following statistics are noted:

  • Apple’s iPad made up 97.2% of all tablet-based traffic in the US.
  • iPad had the highest share of all iOS traffic at 46.8%
  • iPhone had the second-highest share of all iOS traffic at 42.6%

Device Market Share

comScore states that Android devices have a higher percentage of the smartphone market, but when looking at all connected devices – that is, including tablets and PMPs – iOS comes out a clear winner with 43.1% of all connected devices. Android’s share was only 34.1% in this regard.

Internet Traffic Market Share

Furthermore, when looking at how much traffic is consumed by these devices, iOS again emerges on top. iOS had 58.5% of all non-computer based internet traffic, compared to Android’s 31.9%. Not only does iOS beat Android, but when comparing iOS’s traffic consumption (58.5%) to its device share (43.1%) we can see that iOS users also consume more on average than other users.

The report also highlight some other interesting facts about tablet use in general. Tablets significantly help real-time social networking, with 3 out of 5 owners using a tablet to update their statuses. Further, the same ratio consume news of some kind on their device, and 25% of them use their tablet for this purpose almost daily. All of this is likely helped by the increasing numbers of free-to-use WiFi hotspots across the country.

Lastly, comScore explains that tablet users by and large are “early technology adopters.” Characteristically, this means young males in upper income brackets. The statistics corroborate this with 54.7% of all tablet owners being male, 30% being between the ages of 25 and 34, and 45.9% belonging to households whose income exceeds the $100K mark.

So what does this mean for the future? Aside from iOS being a favorite of heavy users, we can see that tablet use comprises a large portion of internet-connected devices. They’re here to stay, as evidenced by iPad traffic exceeding iPhone traffic. And, although currently they’re dominated by a minority of the market (young men with higher than average incomes), the trend will continue to grow as prices fall and make tablets available to more consumers.

[via comScore]