iMessage And AirPlay Mirroring Coming To Macs?

When Apple introduced iMessage – their new messaging service for iOS devices in iOS 5, we were wondering when will Apple bring it to Macs.

9 to 5 Mac has just reported that according to their sources “familiar with the future of Mac OS X”, Apple is working on releasing iMessage service for Macs users as well.

Mark Gurman also claims that AirPlay Mirroring, which was one of the new features introduced in iOS 5 for iPad 2 users will also be released for Mac users.

Sources familiar with the future of Mac OS X say that AirPlay Mirroring and an iMessage application are currently in development. Although neither project may see the light of day, they are definitely on the table for release in future versions of OS X Lion. AirPlay Mirroring for the Mac will allow a user to wirelessly mirror exactly what is shown on their Mac’s display to an Apple TV connected to a projector, television, or external monitor. AirPlay video streaming is also being integrated into QuickTime X.

As Gurman points out, AirPlay Mirroring would be a very useful addition to Macbooks for presentations or while making conference calls.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]