iOS 5: Safari Is Most HTML5 Compatible Mobile Browser

iOS 5 Logo

InfoWorld just did some web browser testing and found an interesting result: the updated version of Mobile Safari in iOS 5 has the highest HTML 5 compatibility of any mobile browser. The new updates made by Apple enabled it to even beat out a few desktop browsers as well.

For its analysis, InfoWorld ran‘s suite of compatibility tests, which examines how strictly browsers adhere to the standards in place for HTML5. They found out that iOS 5’s version of Mobile Safari is the best among all mobile browsers.

iOS 5 has 36 percent more HTML5 capabilities baked in than its predecessor iOS 4.3, 33 percent more than the current Android 3.2 “Honeycomb” tablet browser, and 61 percent more than the current Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” smartphone browser.

After Mobile Safari came the Playbook’s BlackBerry browser, followed by the BlackBerry Browser in the newer BlackBerry 7 based smartphones. Then came WebOS. Android’s browsers performed dismally on the test, but they still managed to beat out Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” and the older WebOS browser.

iOS 5 includes a lot of new features, but Mobile Safari’s increased standards compatibility is definitely one of the less-noticeable ones despite its importance. In fact, the testing found that Mobile Safari even beat the desktop versions of Safari and Internet Explorer 9, and was very close to Firefox 7.01. Check out the full table below. The results may surprise you.

HTML5 Compatibility Chart

This has definitely raised the bar for standards-compliance and is sure to make iOS 5 an even bigger hit with both the community and web developers.

[via InfoWorld]