iPhone 4S Benchmarks: ~68% Faster Than iPhone 4; ~800MHz A5 Processor; 512MB RAM

iPhone 4S

It looks like quite a few folks have managed to get their hands on Apple’s new iPhone 4S.

Yesterday, Chinese Website – AppVV.com had published a hands-on video of iPhone 4S, which revealed some early benchmarks of the device. Primate Labs now reports that Geekbench results for iPhone 4S have started appearing on the Geekbench Result browser. 

The results seem to be quite legitimate based on the technical specifications known to us about Apple’s fifth generation iPhone. Here are some of the highlights from the benchmark results, which reveals some interesting details:

  • The iPhone 4S receives a total Geekbench score of 622.
  • This means, iPhone 4S benchmarks about 68% faster than iPhone 4, which receives a total Geekbench score of 370.
  • iPhone 4S benchmarks about 17% slower than iPad 2, which receives a total Geekbench score of 749.
  • It looks like Apple has underclocked iPhone 4S A5 processor to 800MHz as compared to iPad 2 processor, which runs at 1GHz. Apple has typically done this to conserve iPhone’s battery life, which has limited capacity compared to iPad 2.
  • iPhone 4S benchmarks seem to again confirm that it has only 512MB RAM
  • Update: AnandTech also confirms that iPhone 4S’ graphic performance is about 7 times faster than iPhone 4, in line with Apple’s claim.

iPhone 4S Geekbench Benchmarks

iPhone 4S will be available on October 14th and we’re hearing reports that Apple and carriers have already started shipping iPhone 4S pre-orders for the launch day, but as MacRumors points out, it looks like some fifth generation iPhones are already in the wild.


This graph via AnandTech should give you an even better idea:

Geekbench Overall results

[Primate Labs via MacRumors]