Jailbreak Tweak f.lux Adapts Your iPhone’s Display To The Time Of Day To Prevent Eye Strain

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We’ve all been there – a notification arrives on your iPhone late at night, and the screen brightness nearly blinds you for the first few seconds after unlocking. F.lux aims to solve exactly this problem by adjusting the color of your iPhone’s display to better adapt to the time of the day. As you might have guessed the utility is available as a jailbreak tweak on Cydia.

You’d be amazed to realize how relaxed your eyes feel after installing this tweak, especially if you tend to use your iPhone just before sleeping. In addition to this, it also helps you get rid of that eerie glow on your face when using a phone at night.

The installation instructions are pretty straightforward in case you’re jailbroken (In case you’re not, check out our guide to jailbreaking). Open up Cydia, search for “f.lux” and install the tweak. Remember to include the period in the name while searching. You need not add any repo, since f.lux is hosted on Saurik’s repo which is included by default.

F.lux should kick in as soon as the installation is complete. If you think something’s wrong try respringing your device and as a last resort reinstall/uninstall the app.

A handy f.lux settings menu lets you choose the lighting scheme at night, and even allows you to turn it off completely by simply flipping a switch.

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Since f.lux runs in the background and keeps asking for your phone’s location (which stays right on your phone) at specific intervals, it does consume a bit of CPU and battery. The team at f.lux is working on reducing battery consumption.

If you’re still stuck on iOS 3.x and below, you’re out of luck since this tweak works only on devices with iOS 4.0+. Also, iPhone 3G support is experimental and you may face issues. In case you find the tweak of great help, try f.lux’s desktop counterparts as well.

[via Flux]