Siri Ported To iPad and iPod Touch But ….

iPhone 4S - Siri

We’ve received a number of tips from our readers to tell us that Siri has also been successfully ported to iPod Touch and iPad.

Couple of weeks back,  Siri – Apple’s revolutionary personal assistant feature, that is exclusively available only on Apple’s iPhone 4S, was ported to iPhone 4.

Engadget reports:

Two enterprising young hackers, euwars and rud0lf77, are the ones who put Siri on the iPod, and you can see the results of their labor in the video after the break.

Before that, as you can see below it was ported to iPad:

But, before you get excited, we wanted to highlight that though we’re hearing similar claims that Siri is successfully ported to iPhone 4 and iPod touch, it’s just the UI that hackers have managed to port to Siri. Since Apple is not authenticating commands from non-iPhone 4S devices, the so-called Siri port for non-iOS devices is quite useless.

Troughton-Smith (who was the first hacker to figure out how to get Siri UI working on iPhone 4) has also indicated that it looks very unlikely that the port will be released to the public.

Currently, the only hope is Apple will magically enable it on non-iPhone 4S devices via a iOS software update. But if you were to ask us, we would say don’t count on it based on Apple’s previous track record.

[via Engadget]