Sprint And Apple Working On iPhone 4S Data Speed Issue

Sprint iPhone 4S

Many Sprint users have been complaining about slow data speeds since the iPhone 4S launch on October 14th.

Last weekSprint said that though it is monitoring the performance of the 3G network, they had only received a small number of complaints of slow data speeds from their iPhone 4S customers.

But The Next Web reports that according to an internal email that was sent to Sprint representatives, there definitely seems to be some issue:

Now it seems that an internal email has been sent to Sprint representatives, informing them that Apple and Sprint are working together on a “confirmed nationwide issue” dealing with the slow data rates many users are experiencing. There was no information about what the cause of the issues are or what the expected resolution date might be.

The email did contain a reference to a ‘Service Settings’ update, which sounds like it could be referring to the carrier settings file that contains access point info for the carriers.

The notion that a new iPhone launch could bring a network to its knees isn’t new at all; this is precisely what happened to AT&T with the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G, so it’s plausible that the same thing could be happening to Sprint.

Are you a Sprint iPhone 4S user? Notice any network issues and slower speeds? Sound off below!

[via The Next Web]