Top 10 iPhone 5 Mockups

New iPhone 5

As you’ve probably heard several times by now, the chances of a redesigned iPhone 5 look slim.

But until Apple doesn’t unveil the fifth generation iPhone at the Let’s Talk iPhone event tomorrow, there is no harm in drooling over the cool mockups we’ve seen so far and still hope that Apple will surprise us by unveiling a redesigned iPhone 5.

Checkout the top 10 iPhone 5 mockups in no particular order:

Gizmodo had created this iPhone 5 mockup based on the alleged iPhone 5 spy shot from the office of a French carrier.

iPhone 5 created by Gizmodo

iPhone 5 mockup, which is thinner, wider, and longer with a sloped/curved back and an elongated home button.

iPhone 5 mockup

This one was created by folks at design studio – CiccareseDesign, which is also thinner, wider, and longer. But they’ve taken some of the design cues from iPhone 4 such as squared off design, retained the size of the home button etc. They’re calling it the iPhone Air.

MacRumors commissioned the same design studio to create high quality renderings based on the purported iPhone 5 case designs.

Some Polish students have created this mockup, which seems to be inspired by iPad 2 (via VeteranGeek).

Folks at French site Nowhere Else, who have brought us some of the coolest iPhone 5 infographics have created this mockup based on the rumors and speculations that we had heard until March 2011.

This mockup is from This is my next based on the information they had received from their source. Folks at This is my next were the first to report about the possibility of a redesigned iPhone 5.

This mockup is based on the leaked iPhone 5 front panel with a thinner, larger 4-inch screen and a smaller bezel due to the edge-to-edge screen.

Here’s what a glossy iPhone 5 will look like, which was created by Roman Sima.

Antonello Falcon has created this next iPhone 5 mockup, which is calls the “Size Zero iPhone 5” via VeteranGeek.

iPhone 5 Mockup - Size Zero iPhone 5

Let us know which one you liked the most in the comments.