A Glimpse At Apple’s In-Store Retail Software

Apple Store App

If you’ve been in an Apple store, then you know all employees have iPod touches. But how exactly do employees use them to help customers? The New York Times took a look at Apple’s retail software to find out.

Brian Chen, a blogger for New York Times, took a more personal look at the in-house retail software that Apple store employees have on their iPod Touches. Diego Aguirre, an Apple store employee in Palo Alto, California went through the process.

Apple stores are equipped with iPads near all of their products. Customers can request assistance by tapping a button on the iPad. Employees’ iPod Touches will register these requests, and when one chooses to act on it they are presented with a map of the store that leads them to the area where the customer is standing.

“This feature allows shoppers to ask for assistance when they feel comfortable doing so, unlike in other retail stores where customers are hounded by employees eager to make a sale.”

Since Apple introduced EasyPay and the option to pick up items in the new Apple Store App, employees are able to pinpoint when customers check in with their iPhones. They can very easily and quickly get the product and find the customer without having to wait very long.

Apple in-store employee app

Employees’ devices are equipped for traditional purchases as well.

“When a customer makes a purchase, the employee can complete the transaction with the iPod Touch, and the store records will show that he or she made the sale,” Mr. Aguirre said. The iPod Touches carried by employees are outfitted with a thick, black case containing a credit card reader, a bar code scanner and a battery pack.

All in all, it’s a very clean and simple process for the customer, something that matches the aesthetic of the store as well. Apple stores are key to Apple’s growing success and their customers rank the experience very highly in comparison to other businesses.

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[via The New York Times]