CallBar: Jailbreak App Stops Calls From Interrupting You

If you don’t want a phone call or FaceTime call to interrupt you while you’re playing an iPhone game or writing an important email or message then checkout CallBar – a jailbreak app that shows a banner notification when you get an incoming call.

It also gives you an option to answer, decline or dismiss the call from the banner notification. 

Here’s a description of the jailbreak app from Cydia:

CallBar re-designs the incoming phone and video call interface to allow you to use your device while it’s ringing. Choose to answer, decline, or even dismiss the incoming call depending on your choice. Upon dismissal, the bar will shrink and cover the status bar – a safeguard just in case you choose to pick up the call after all or you accidentally dismissed. You can answer or decline the call from this dismiss view also. Dismissing the call silences the ring or vibrate, which is done by tapping the banner, hitting the Power button, or pressing the Volume buttons. To re-enable the ring or vibrate, simply tap the banner to bring the banner back up. All the above functionalities are available from the SpringBoard, within any application, and on the lock screen. You could be texting, updating Twitter, surfing the web, or in the middle of using any application – CallBar allows you to continue what you are doing without interruption and gives you the option to handle the situation with ease.

  • Compatible for phone, FaceTime, Skype, and Viber calls
  • Supports all iDevices on all firmwares 4.x+
  • Settings for CallBar can be found in the

The developers of CallBar have recently released an update, which includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Enhanced iOS5 support
  • Added Skype calls handling
  • Added Viber calls handling
  • Fixed not declinin on lockscreen sleep button press with callbar disabled
  • Fixed not undimming the screen on lockscreen on incoming call
  • Fixed a Facetime issue with no sound on incoming calls

Click on the image above to see the slideshow of the screenshots

You can checkout the video below of CallBar in action below:

CallBar is available on Cydia $3.99, which we thought was the only downside about this really nifty jailbreak app.

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