Hack Allows You To Play Movies And TV Shows With Plex Using Siri; Gives A Glimpse Of Siri-Enabled Apple Television

Siri Icon

Ever since Pete Lamonica – an iOS developer and hacker has created a proxy server for Siri – Apple’s revolutionary voice activated personal assistant feature called Siri Proxy, we have seen developers figure out interesting way to use Siri using it such as controlling the car and the thermostat.

The proxy server allows developers to create custom plugins that can intercept voice commands and perform any action that is programmable, scriptable etc.

Now an Icelandic developer and hacker named Hjalti Jakobsson has created a custom plugin for Plex. Plex is a partially open-sourced software that can play local and online media.

As you can see in the video below, the custom plugin can be used to give voice commands to Plex to play movies and TV shows using Siri.

It’s quite impressive to see Siri understand voice commands such as play the latest episode of Homeland and play the “Achilles Heel” episode promptly via the proxy server. It gives us a glimpse of what to expect with Siri-enabled Apple Television.

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[YouTube via The Verge]