Redsn0w Can Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 And SemiTether Also Works With iOS 5.0.1


Yesterday, Apple finally confirmed that some bugs were affecting battery life on iOS 5 devices. Apple has also seeded iOS 5.0.1 to developers of iOS developer program, which includes fix for battery life issues, iPad 2 smart cover security flaw and adds the multitouch gestures for iPad 1.

The goods news is that iOS 5.0.1 can be jailbroken using Redsn0w that Dev team had released for iOS 5.

MuscleNerd tweeted:

Devs trying today’s 5.0.1 beta can JB with existing redsn0w (but select the 5.0 IPSW thru GUI or command line)

Just like iOS 5.0, Redsn0w only supports a tethered jailbreak (except for iPhone 3GS with older bootrom) for iOS 5.0.1 and won’t support iPad 2 or Apple’s new iPhone 4S.

We are also hearing reports that the SemiTether hack, which allows users to reboot their tethered jailbroken iOS 5 device without the need to connect it to the computer, works with iOS 5.0.1.

Apple has stated that it will release iOS 5.0.1 in the next few weeks, but since it has already seeded developers with iOS 5.0.1, it is widely speculated that it could be released as early as this week.

[via @MuscleNerd]