Siri0us: Jailbreak Tweak That Brought Siri Dictation To Non-iPhone 4S Devices Removed From Cydia

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Couple of days back, developer and hacker Eric Day released a jailbreak tweak called Siri0us which brought Siri’s Dictation feature that is available exclusively on Apple’s iPhone 4S, to the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and 4th gen iPod touch.

Not surprisingly the free jailbreak tweak quickly became extremely popular with non-iPhone 4S users.

As we had explained earlier, Day had got the hack to work by relying on Nuance speech recognition system on the device rather than communicating with Apple’s servers and the result is just like using Siri on iPhone 4S.

It looks like Day was making unauthorised use of Nuance’s speech regonition technology and hence has removed Siri0us from Cydia to avoid getting into trouble. Meanwhile his request to Nuance to use the service has gone unanswered. He has tweeted that he will release it again if he finds a another voice recognition service.

In case, you missed it, you can checkout the video of Siri’s dictation feature working on iPhone 4:

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