Apple Sends ‘Take Down’ Notices to AppTrackr – Major Source of Pirated iOS Apps

AppTrackr – which is a website that allows users to illegally download and install pirated iOS apps has announced (via Installous) that they have started receiving take down notices from Apple.

AppTrackr claims that Apple has been scrapping their links and sending them take down notices for a lot of their content, which has forced them to implement CAPTCHA checks to all outbound links.

ApplTrackr has also revealed that they’ve moved their servers and will be placing an ad on the CAPTCHA page to help them support their servers.

It is good to see Apple taking steps to prevent piracy of iOS apps, which has been an issue ever since Apple launched the App Store and should come as good news to developers. It remains to be seen if Apple can prevent piracy of iOS apps completely as it would also help in getting rid of the stigma of piracy that is unfortunately associated with jailbreaking.

Sometimes we wonder whether Apple would have taken a different stance if jailbreaking was not used for illegal activities such as piracy of apps.

[iJailbreak via 9 to 5 Mac]