Apple’s New iPhone 4S Ad Features Santa Claus Using Siri

Apple has just released a new iPhone 4S commercial ahead of the Christmas holiday.

Apple’s new TV ad features Santa Claus using Siri. It comes with the following note from Apple: “Siri can help anyone get through a busy day… Or night.”

The ad shows Santa using Siri to find directions to Charlie Grants house … Siri responds with “Here are directions to Charlie Grants house” and launches the Maps application with the directions. He then asks Siri if its cold in Cleveland tonight … Siri responds with “Really cold …. down to about 14 degrees” and shows the weather information. He then asks Siri to search for an email with his “naughty or nice” list, and Siri reads a new message from Mrs. Claus reminding him to “go easy on the cookies”. Santa finally asks Siri “How does the rest of my day look” and Siri responds “You have 3.7 billion appointments.

Let us know what you think about the new iPhone 4S ad.