60beat GamePad: Accessory Aims to Transform Your iOS Device Into a True Gaming Console

60Beat has just launched a game controller called GamePad for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, which aims to transform your iOS device into a true gaming console.

Here are some details about the game controller:

With proprietary technology that uses the headphone jack as the interface, the 60beat GamePad significantly improves the iOS gaming experience by moving the controls from the screen to a fully-featured hand-held game controller. Developed to look, feel and operate like widely-used external controllers, GamePad easily and instantly transforms an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a game console. The ergonomic design delivers superior comfort and control. Buttons and joysticks are engineered to deliver precise response and the tactile sensations gamers expect.

So far game controllers have relied on Bluetooth to interface with iOS devices, but such controllers have been limited to only digital controls. GamePad on the other hand interfaces with iOS devices via the headphone jack to bring dual analog sticks along with a number of other standard directional controls and buttons. The downside is that it works with only 60Beat compatible games and GamePad currently supports only two games.

You can checkout the video of GamePad in action below:

GamePad is available for $49.99.

Do you plan to buy one? Let us know in the comments.

[via 60Beat]