Hack Allows You to Control TV Hooked up to a Dreambox Using Siri

Building on the Siri Proxy source released by developer plamoni, @ninja98 released a plugin that lets Dreambox owners control their TV sets via Siri. Dreambox is a Linux powered set top box, which because of its Linux roots, is fairly easy to tweak.

ninja98 writes on his blog:

I had some more fun coding the siriproxy dreambox plugin.

– start tv
– set tv to standby
– search for a program of find out when it will air
– set a timer to record the program
– get information about whats airing without viewing
– get information about the next broadcast on a channel
– next channel in list
– previous channel in list
– find out how long a program is still on
– find out when a program will start
– search for a program name and automatically switch to correct channel if airing

The video embedded below shows the plugin in action:

As you may have noticed, apart from the lengthy program synopsis, the tweak is fairly quick and smooth.

If reports about a Siri powered Apple Television are indeed true, then this tweak may even offer us a glimpse into the future.

If you’re interested in installing the plugin onto your Dreambox or tinkering with the source code, you can visit this GitHub link.

[TechJunkie via Siri Hacks]