iPad 3 With Retina Display Coming in February

iPad with Retina Display

Another analyst claims that Apple will launch iPad 3 in February 2012. He has also confirmed the big feature everyone’s been excited about: the Retina display.

Business Insider took a look at a research note issued by Citi analyst Richard Gardner about the upcoming iPad 3:

According to “several sources” the next iPad will launch in February, and it will sport a screen with double the resolution of the current model.

Gardner says, “there do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining” to prevent a launch of a high-resolution iPad, despite rumors to the contrary.

This definitely confirms multiple rumors that the iPad 3’s resolution will be 2048×1536, double the resolution of the original iPad and iPad 2’s 1024×768. Recent reports of different manufacturers preparing displays for the new tablet also seem to match up. There are conflicting reports as to the iPad 3’s thickness, perhaps due to the backlight needed for the Retina display.

There were also conflicting reports on the release date, as some sources have speculated that problems with the A6 processor could push back that time frame. More recent reports seem to suggest that Apple will launch iPad 3 in February.

Are you excited about the new iPad? Will the higher resolution be enough to urge you to buy one?

[via Business Insider]