Pre-iOS 4 Device Users Reporting Issues Downloading Apps From App Store [Updated]

Engadget reports that users of pre-iOS 4 devices are reporting that they’re not able to download apps from the on-device App Store.

Based on this thread in Apple discussion forums, the issue seems to be affecting quite a few pre-iOS 4 device users.

Update: Engadget now reports that the issue has now been fixed.

Engadget reports:

Unfortunately for them, ever since a recent update on the 16th they haven’t been able to download any new apps from the App Store straight to their devices.

Apple discussion forums member mwiesner explains the problem he is facing on his iPhone 3GS:

Whenever I go into a specific app in the app store, none of the buttons work properly.

1) clicking on the price no longer downloads the app,

2) the ratings button does nothing,

3) the ‘tell a friend’ and ‘git this app’ buttons jump back to the top of the app window,

4) pictures usually don’t show up.  They usually appear as five gray rectangular boxes with white borders (though in one app one too-large-for-the-window picture shows up (see pic),

5) the ‘app support’ button still goes to the developer’s website.

6) the ‘top in-app purchases’ banner is just text now.

We’re not sure what change Apple had rolled out on December 16th, but according to users complaining about the problem, the issue seems to have started on that date.

Thankfully these users can download apps from iTunes on their computer and sync them with their pre-iOS 4 devices as a workaround to the problem. This issue seems to affect original iPhone and iPod touch users as iOS 4 or later iOS software updates did not support these devices and also some iPhone 3GS users who decided not to upgrade to iOS 4 or later.

While the blogsphere seems to be speculating that Apple is blocking these users from accessing the App Store, we feel it’s a bug, which will be fixed soon.

Update: Engadget now reports that the issue has now been fixed. So as we had mentioned it wasn’t a conspiracy against pre-iOS 4 device users, it was just a bug, which Apple has now fixed.

What do you think? Are you facing the problem? Let us know in the comments.

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