Simple Multitasking Gesture Concept For iPhone

If you don’t like double tapping on the Home button to access the multitasking bar then you’re going to love this simple concept for multitasking created by UI designer Max Rudberg.

Rudberg felt that double tapping on the Home button felt slow and interrupted his flow while using the iOS device.

He writes on his blog:

To make matters worse, the home button on my iPhone is no longer as responsive as it should be. A double tap is often interpreted as a single tap which means that instead of showing the multitasking drawer it either closes the app, or if I’m already on the home screen it takes me to the search page.

A simple gesture would decrease the wear and tear of the hardware button, and also speed up the usage of the multitasking drawer. You simply start dragging from outside the bottom of the screen and move your finger onto the screen. This edge swipe would activate the multitasking drawer.

This could be an optional setting, in the same way that Apple has made the iPad gestures optional. Certain apps might have a conflicting gesture, or a novice user might activate it accidentally. So the default behavior should probably be to have this turned off.

We tend to agree with Rudberg. Apple needs to think of a way to reduce the wear and tear of the Home button as it stops being as response after more than a year of use and this problem seems to have only started with iPhone 4, which came pre-installed with iOS 4 along with the multitasking feature.

You can checkout the video of the concept below and let us know what you think:

We forgot to mention that if you’ve jailbroken your iOS device then you can do this using Activator jailbreak tweak. Thanks Kao and BruTTus for reminding us.

[Max Themes via The Next Web]