SiriPrefs Will Allow You to Toggle Settings And Launch Apps Using Siri

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The number of tweaks and hacks Siri has given rise to is really impressive, right from ports for various iOS devices to playing Piano and serving beer. But there is a very obvious incompleteness in Apple’s beta implementation of Siri. You can’t open apps, control settings or even know how much battery do you have left.

Israeli developer Danny Lisiansky is working on a project named SiriPrefs, which addresses some of these shortcomings and lets you launch apps and control settings via Siri.

The tweak appears to make clever use of  the URL schemes (that were used in the custom home screen shortcuts) to toggle the settings as well as launch apps. While the developer has used Bing in his demo, the developer has clarified in iDB’s comments section that it can work with Google and Yahoo as well.

We had initially thought that Lisiansky had created a custom plugin for Siri Proxy, but he has clarified that though SiriPrefs is like a server, it has nothing to do with Siri servers or Siri Proxy.

You can check out this video to see how the tweak works:

Sadly, Apple plans to disable URL schemes in iOS 5.1 beta, which means this tweak would be rendered useless in future releases.

There’s no ETA on the project yet (we hope it arrives before iOS 5.1), we’ll let you know as soon as we have any further updates.

[iPhoneil (Google Translation) via iDB]