Apple to Hold Event On January 19th in NYC For an “Education Announcement”

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple has just reported that Apple has started sending out invitations for this month’s media event. 

Based on the invitation the event will be focused on Education.

Dalrymple reports:

Apple on Wednesday sent out an invitation to The Loop and other media outlets to attend a special event being held in New York City next week.

Apple says the event will be about an education announcement and will take place on January 19 at the Guggenheim Museum.

It is widely speculated that Apple will expand its iBookstore to also sell textbooks. Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson has revealed that the textbook industry was one Jobs wanted to revolutionize with the iPad. Here’s a quote from Isaacson:

“His idea was to hire great textbook writers to create digital versions, and make them a feature of the iPad. In addition, he held meetings with major publishers, such as Pearson Education, about partnering with Apple.”

We can’t wait to see what Apple has in store for us at the media event as it is high time someone revolutionalised textbooks.

[via The Loop]