Apple TV Hacked To Run Full-Screen iPad Apps

Yesterday, iOS hacker and developer Steven Troughton-Smith and Nick gave us the good news that they had managed to hack the second generation Apple TV to run iOS apps.

It looks like in the last 24 hours they have made significant progress.

Steven Troughton-Smith has been posting a number of photos, which seems to indicate that they’ve managed to run the iOS app in full screen mode.

Troughton-Smith has posted photos of the iPad version of Safari, YouTube, Facebook, Grace Angry Birds etc. running on Apple TV. He has also managed to get Cydia running on the second generation Apple TV, though it needs to be seen if one can install jailbreak apps and tweaks.

Here are some photos:

click on the image above to see all the photos

So far they haven’t provided any instructions on how to get iOS apps running on a jailbroken Apple TV. We’ll keep you posted, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Steven Troughton-Smith hopes that this breakthrough in running native iOS apps will force Apple to launch the App Store:

Remember how the unofficial iPhone apps back in ’07 forced Apple’s hand in creating an App Store? I’d like AppleTV to get the same treatment.

We hope so too.

[@stroughtonsmith via The Verge]