Evi: iPhone App Brings Siri-Like Functionality to Non-iPhone 4S Devices

A new app called Evi has just been released in the App Store that aims to bring Siri-like functionality to non-iPhone 4S devices, which makes use of Nuance’s voice recognition technology like Siri and True Knowledge’s engine.

Here’s what developers – True Knowledge have to say about Evi:

Evi is the revolutionary artificial intelligence here to help with all of your everyday information needs.

Unlike a search engine, which simply looks for matching words and shows you a list of websites, Evi understands what you want to know and gives back exactly what you’re after.

Need to know where the nearest bank is? Not a problem. Going out for dinner but can’t decide where? She can help with that too. The more you ask, the more she will learn, and thus she is improving all the time.

Evi comes with the following features:

  • Voice or text input – Chat to Evi in plain English and she will understand
  • Local information for UK and USA – Shopping, news, dining and more. Evi knows where you are and gives answers based on your location
  • One tap words – Allowing you to build your question super-fast
  • Built in browser – No need to swap to a different browser, view web links within Evi’s app
  • A learning and adapting intelligence – Rate Evi’s answers to help her learn more about the world
  • More than a search engine – Evi takes the searching out of search, able to review and compare nearly a billion facts from her database to give you exactly what you need

You can check out the demo video of Evi below:

It looks like True Knowledge is currently having a tough time managing the surge in traffic as Evi seems to be getting the following error message:

I’m having trouble getting a response from my servers. You might want to try again in a minute.

Evi doesn’t integrate with the pre-installed apps like Siri, but it seems like an interesting alternative for non-iPhone 4S device users who desperately want Siri but don’t want to jailbreak their iOS device.


Please don’t waste your money downloading the app as it is still not working. We’ll you know when True Knowledge has sorted out their capacity issues.

Evi is available in the App Store for $0.99 (apparently to cover the cost of licensing Nuance’s voice recognition technology) and you can download it using this direct iTunes link.

Let us know if it works for you.

[via TechCrunch]