First Hands-On Video With Apple’s Digital Textbooks

Apple hopes to reinvent textbooks with the launch of iBooks 2, which gets a new section for digital textbooks and iBooks Author, which allows content creators to create multi-touch books for iPad.

Folks at Engadget have just posted the first hands-on video of the new interactive digital textbooks, which gives a glimpse of what we can expect.

Here’s what Engadget’s Tim Stevens have to say about the digital textbooks:

To launch one of these textbooks you simply go into iBooks like normal, select the title you want with a tap and then wait a few moments. These big textbooks are a bit sluggish to load, but then again many of them have FMV intros — just like the CD-ROM games of the ’90s. Thankfully you can skip past that and get to the meat of the books. And there is a lot of meat. Life on Earth clocks in at 965MB, and that’s just two chapters. Pearson’s Biology is 2.7GB!

Interacting with the books is a generally intuitive combination of tapping, swiping and pinching. You can pinch from any page to get out to the heading of that chapter, then drag along a bar on the bottom to quickly go from one chapter to the next. When you’re looking at any page, you can get a closer view of any of the media there by simply pinching it. Tiny picture of an ant? Give it a nudge and it’s full-screen. You can then swipe through galleries, play movies and interact with various other widgets that authors can drop in place.

You can check out the hands-on video below:

It’s a great time to be in school as based on what we’ve seen so far, Apple seems to be well poised to revolutionize textbooks.

[via Engadget]