Gizmon iCA Case Converts Your iPhone Into a Vintage Camera

Gizmon iphone case with strap

There is something about wanting to give your gadget a vintage look, that fascinates a lot of people. We’ve seen cases that make your iPhone look like the Sony Walkman, Lego Bricks, Polaroids, NES controllers, gameboybooks, those giant phones back in the 1980s and the list goes on…

Here’s another worthy addition to the list, the Gizmon iCA, which gives your phone the look of a vintage camera.

On the surface, the case appears to be just a case, but according to the product description on Four Corner Stone, it’s a lot more:

With iPhone photography growing everyday, why not ditch the point and shoot and just use your phone? Constructed of super tough Polycarbonate, the case surrounds your phone and comes with two ‘lenses’ that attach to the front. A detachable tripod mount is great for longer exposures and the soft Gizmon bag will protect the Camera, uh, iPhone when not in use.

The Shutter button on the top of the iCA really works too!

Two holes are provided for the strap of your choice, and the Gizmon Lens Series snaps right into place for Macro or Fisheye images.

So the case not only makes your iPhone look like a vintage camera, it also functions like one.

Gizmon iphone case front

Gizmon iphone case back

There’s a mirror at the back for self-shots, an optical viewfinder to probably make the case even more old-school and a lens mount to attach additional lenses. And in case you’re wondering, the microphone, speaker and the 30-pin connector would all be fine, even with the case on. (For a detailed description of the case, visit the product page.)

The case costs $65 on Four Corner Stone and is available in white, black and brown. The neck strap would cost you an additional $30, while the Macro and Fisheye lens, each sell at $45.

Costly? Sure, but the functionality along with the design is pretty cool.

Do you think it’s worth the price?

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