iPhone Dev Team Release Alternative Command Line Tool (CLI) to Jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2

Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Redsn0w

Following up with the release of greenpois0n Absinthe to jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2, iPhone Dev team has released the command line version of the tool, which is for the technically inclined and should help in troubleshooting issues.

iPhone Dev team had provided the following details of their command line tool:

iPhone Dev have also incorporated the exact same flow into an alternative command-line interface (CLI). This will allow us to help users through individual steps of the jailbreak manually, to both help the user and help improve the overall flow.  Although the CLI will also allow the user to perform the entire jailbreak from beginning to end, we anticipate it will be more useful in debugging the occasional errors.  The CLI currently has over 20 individual options (in addition to the single “jailbreak” option) that should be useful during debug after the GUI release.

iPhone Dev team has provided the following details about the command line tool:

The OS X version of the CLI mentioned in the post can be downloaded here.  It’s primarily to help us debug specific issues, but tinkerers might like to play around with some of its advanced options!  

You can download CLI using this link and check out this readme.txt file, which includes more details about how to use it.

If you need any help in jailbreaking your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 using Absinthe then checkout our step-by-step guides, which includes troubleshooting tips if you get stuck based on issues hit by our readers with the Mac version.

Please remember to take a backup of your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 before proceeding.

As always, let us know how it goes.

[via Dev team’s blog]