Leaked Memo Reveals Apple Providing Backdoor Cellular Access to Indian Military

ZDNet reports that according to leaked documents that are internal communications between the Indian military, Apple, RIM and Nokia are providing backdoor access to the Indian military to monitor cellular communication.

The documents were leaked by a group of Indian hackers called The Lords of Dharmaraja. ZDNet reports that the leaked documents reveals the existence of a system known as RINOA SUR where RINOA stands for RIM, Nokia and Apple. ZDNet’s Manan Kakkar isn’t sure what SUR stands for.

According to some reports last year, the Indian government had threatened to shut down RIM’s services completely in the country if RIM did not offer a solution to let it intercept messages on BlackBerry service. So it looks like the smartphone vendors were arm twisted to put the RINOA SUR system in place to meet Indian government’s requirement in exchange for market presence in India.

Kakkar reports:

And this is where things start to get very interesting, according to the set of documents, the RINOA SUR platform was used to spy on the USCC—the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

The documents contain snippets of emails sent by members of the USCC. Apparently, RINOA SUR platform has been declared a success and the Indian Navy has shown interest in the same. 

You can checkout the snippets from some leaked documents below:

Those are serious allegations, we have already seen Carrier IQ getting into trouble for its stealth logging software on most smartphone platforms.

It will be interesting to see what Apple, RIM and Nokia have to say about it.

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[via ZDNet]