Twitmonster: Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak Will Finally Allow iPhone 4S Users to Tweet Using Siri

While there has been a workaround to send tweets from your iPhone 4S using Siri (by enabling Twitter text messaging), it’s not an ideal solution.

An upcoming jailbreak tweak will finally allow jailbroken iPhone 4S users to natively send a tweet using Siri.

iOS hacker and developer – Tyler Nettleton aka InfectionFX plans to release the jailbreak tweak that will add this functionality towards the end of this week.

All you need to do is say tweet followed by what you want to tweet and the tweak does the rest. Siri even tells you when the tweet is sent (which is almost instantaneously).

iOS4Life’s Andrew Sheridan gives a glimpse of the jailbreak tweak in the video below:

iPhone 4S users can use this jailbreak tweak along with the Hands-free Control jailbreak tweak to send a tweet without picking up the iPhone – a dream come true if you are a heavy Twitter user.

We’ll let you know as soon as Twitmonster is available in Cydia.