Clear: Touch Friendly To Do App Hits The App Store

Realmac Software and Impending have just released ‘Clear’ their to-do application in the App Store.

They had announced the simple to do list app at Macworld last month, which had generated quite a lot of buzz.

Clear includes the following features:

  • Personal todo list
  • Shopping list
  • Quick notes list for phone numbers and things
  • List of movies to watch, or books to read
  • Guest list for that party
  • Bucket list for those big life goals

The thing that we really like about the app is that it is the first to-do app that we’ve come across that seems to be developed for iOS touch interface. You can use gestures to achieve quite a few things in Clear, which comes with 3 navigation levels – menu, lists and items.

For example: You can tap and hold to pick up an item, drag it up or down to change its priority, pinch vertically shut to collapse your current level and navigate up, tap on the list to see its contents, tap on the list item to edit it, swipe to the right on the list item to mark it as complete, swipe to the left on the list item to delete.

Clear is available in the App Store for $0.99 and you can download it using this link.

As always, let us know what you think about Clear in the comments.