Google+ For iPhone Updated; Gets Killer Instant Upload Feature For Photos & Videos


Google released an updated version of their Google+ app yesterday, which brings the instant upload feature for photos and videos.

Once you enable the instant upload feature, the Google+ app will automatically upload all photos and videos taken with your phone to a private Google+ album. You can enable the feature to work over only Wi-Fi networks or over both Wi-Fi and mobile network. You can configure this settings for photos and videos separately.

Google explains that the photos and videos will upload while the Google+ application is open and for a brief period of time afterwards. Please note that only new photos and videos you take after enabling Instant Upload will be uploaded. You can upload all the photos and videos from your iPhone’s camera roll by selecting Upload all photos and videos in the Instant Upload settings.

You can then decide to share which photos with your family and friends on Google+ from your iPhone in the From your phone album or on the web from Photos from your phone.

This is a killer feature as it essentially allows you to store unlimited photos and videos in the cloud for free, which is a lot better that iCloud’s 1000 photos and 30 days limit.

In addition to the Instant Upload feature, Google has also added the “What’s Hot” stream to the iPhone app and will now also show you who has +1d a post.

You can download the latest version of Google+ iPhone app using this App Store link or update it via the Updates tab in the App Store app.