iOS Security Flaw Allows Unauthorized Access to Your iPhone’s Camera Roll Without Passcode [Video]

We’ve already seen security flaws in iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1 that allow unauthorized access to someone to make FaceTime calls, access iPhone Contacts and even make calls without entering the passcode.

Cult of Mac report that folks at iPatch – a iPhone, iPad and iPod touch repair company have discovered another security flaw that allows unauthorized access to your iPhone’s camera roll without the need to enter the passcode.

Cult of Mac’s Killian Bell explains:

The trick requires access to the iPhone’s battery, which is why it’s so easy to perform on the iPhone 4. This device, like the iPhone 4S, is incredibly easy to get into (especially the early models that don’t have pentalobe screws); you simply take out the two screws at the bottom of the device and slide off the rear cover.

It allows anyone to circumvent your passcode and gain access to your camera roll, and it’s incredibly easy to perform.

iPatch has published this video to demonstrate the security flaw:

Frankly, we are not too worried about the security flaw as someone needs to have access to your iPhone and then open it up to use this security flaw. But it’s a bug nonetheless, It remains to be seen if Apple deems it to be critical enough to fix it in the upcoming iOS 5.1 software update that is expected to be released on or around March 9th.

[iPatch via Cult of Mac]