WSJ: iPad 3 Will Work on 4G LTE Networks

Wall Street Journal reports that according to “people familiar with the matter” Apple’s next generation iPad, which we just found out will be unveiled on March 7th, will support 4G LTE networks.

Until now, there have been some speculations that have indicated that iPad 3 will support 4G networks, but WSJ who has a good track record when it comes to Apple related news has given more credibility to the possibility of Apple launching a 4G iPad next month.

AT&T and Verizon Wireless are the only two U.S. carriers that currently sell the iPad, and are also the only two that offer the fast, next-generation wireless technology known as LTE.

Both companies are banking heavily on LTE to attract new subscribers and to get existing subscribers to upgrade to more lucrative monthly smartphone and tablet contracts. Apple’s new iPad, which will work on those LTE networks, would give the country’s two largest carriers a device that could help drum up demand for the faster service, in the way the original iPhone dramatically increased demand for 3G wireless data plans.

WSJ also notes that iPad 3 will fall back to slower network technology when 4G LTE network is not available. It remains to be seen if AT&T and Verizon iPads will be one model that will support both networks or separate models as is case currently.

In addition to support for 4G LTE networks, iPad 3 is expected to come with Retina Display, faster quad-core processor, improved front and rear cameras.

[via WSJ]