Analyst Claims iPad 3 Will be Powered by Dual-Core A5X Chip

While iPad 3 is almost certain to come with a high resolution Retina Display, there has been some doubts whether it will be powered by a quad-core A6 chip or a dual-core A5X chip.

Based on the code discovered in iOS 5.1 beta, Apple may be working on both the quad-core A6 chip or a dual-core A5X chip. In that scenario, we speculated that Apple may end up using the quad-core A6 chip in iPad 3 and the dual-core A5X in the next iPhone.

But AllThingsD reports that based on information analyst Steve Mullane of BlueFin Research Partners has received from his supply chain sources, iPad 3 may be powered by dual-core A5X chip.

BlueFin Research Partners analyst Steve Mullane says information coming out of the semiconductor supply chain suggests that Samsung, Apple’s chip fab partner, isn’t equipped to manufacture 28-nanometer quad-core chips, as the A6 is presumed to be.

“[Samsung’s] Austin logic fab … supports the mass production of the 45-nanometer AAPL A5 processor, and is ramping on a 32-nanometer process,” Mullane says. “Since the A6 processor is based on a 28-nanometer process, we believe the 32-nanometer ramp validates the recent rumors that the iPad 3 will likely use a higher speed, die-shrink version of the A5 dual-core processor, named the A5X processor, as opposed to the next-generation A6 quad-core processor.”

We’ll soon find out, if this report by Mullane will turn out to be accurate as Apple is rumored to unveil iPad 3 at a special event next on Wednesday, March 7th.

[via AllThingsD]