Lifeproof Claims iPhone Case is Waterproof, Dirtproof, Snowproof & Shockproof

While we may have to wait for a year or two for our iPhones to be waterproof using technology from startups such as Hz0 or Liquidpel, Lifeproof claims that that their case will not only make your iPhone waterproof, but also dirtproof, snowproof, and shockproof.

Lifeproof achieves this by completely covering the iPhone, which means that the iPhone buttons are protected, an integrated screen protector covers the home button, a screw in cap protects the headphone jack, and a flip cover protects the dock connector.  The speakers are protected with Gore-Tex, which are designed to let sound pass through but prevent water from getting in. Lifeproof even claims that their case “improves the bass and mid-frequency speaker response by utilizing the back of the case as a sub-woofer for a richer, fuller sound.”

They also have also published videos to demonstrate that their iPhone case is waterproof and not just water-resistant like some of the iPhone cases.

Based on the reviews online, it seems to work as advertised. However, it’s not like a typical iPhone case. You need to go through the manual and test the iPhone case to ensure that it has been assembled correctly.

The thing that we like about the iPhone case is that it doesn’t seem to make the iPhone 4S look too bulky.

Lifeproof’s iPhone case is available on their website for $79.95 and comes in the following colors: black, white, pink and purple.