Shanghai Court Rejects Proview’s Request to Ban Sale of Apple’s iPad

Apple finally has some success in a Chinese court over the iPad trademark dispute with Proview. We reported yesterday that Apple and Proview had a court hearing in Shanghai.

Reuters has just reported that the People’c court in Shanghai has ruled in Apple’s favor and has refused to grant an injunction banning the sale of Apple’s iPad.

The Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Court ruled in Apple’s favor after a hearing on Wednesday, the source with direct knowledge of the ruling said, confirming a report by the website of local official newspaper Xinmin Evening News. [..]

However, it was still not clear whether a separate effort by Proview to seek compensation in the Shanghai court from Apple for alleged trademark infringement would be successful.

Proview claims that it was the first to use the iPad moniker in China for its computer, which looks similar to the first generation iMac. Proview’s IPAD stood for “Internet Personal Access Device”.

However, Apple insists that it holds the trademark rights to the “iPad” name in China.

“We bought Proview’s worldwide rights to the iPad trademark in 10 different countries several years ago. Proview refuses to honor their agreement with Apple in China and a Hong Kong court has sided with Apple in this matter,” said Apple spokeswoman Carolyn Wu.

The People’s Court in Shanghai seemed to agree with Apple. This should come as a major relief for Apple as courts in the Chinese cities of Huizhouand Shijiazhuang have already ruled in favor of Proview.

If the Shanghai court had not ruled in its favor then it would have been a major blow to their plans in China as three of Apple’s five retail stores in the country are in Shanghai.