AnyVoice: Jailbreak Tweak Allows You to Change Siri’s Accent

SiriiPhone 4S’ personal assistant feature can currently understand and speak the following languages: English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia), French (France), German (Germany). Apple is rumored to add support for Japanese and possibility Russian and Chinese to Siri in iOS 5.1.

You may not need to wait for Apple to add support at least for accents as a new jailbreak tweak – AnyVoice allows you to change Siri’s accent. You can change Siri’s accent to any of the 30+ accents available via the Settings app (AnyVoice -> Siri).

Unfortunately, the jailbreak tweak is not very reliable. In certain situations it worked quite well. For example: when we asked Siri, it reverted back saying “My name is Siri” or “My name is Siri. But you knew that already” or “My name? It’s Siri.” in English with the selected accent.

But there were situations it did not work well. For example: when we asked Siri “What’s the time”, it reverted back in the native language or parts of the response such as the time in the native language for some of the accents, instead of reverting back in English with the accent we had selected.

We are also no experts when it comes to accents, so we will leave it with you to decide if the accents are accurate. But some of accents sound too funny, which makes us a little skeptical about the accuracy of some of the accents.

You can check out the demo video of AnyVoice in action to find out what we mean:

Anyways, the good thing is AnyVoice is available for free on Cydia so there is no harm in checking it out. Please don’t forget to let us know what you think of the jailbreak app in the comments.