Apple Gearing Up to Launch Apple TV 3 Alongside iPad 3 at Next Week’s Media Event?

Apple is reportedly stalling supplies of the Apple TV 2 to channel partners, ahead of its March 7th iPad media event.

AppleInsider reports:

For three consecutive weeks, the Cupertino-based company has failed to make good on its promissory to restock indirect channel partners with fresh inventory of the existing $99 Apple TV product, say people familiar with matter. 

Instead, partners and channel members have seen Apple push back deliveries each consecutive week by one additional week — a practice that almost always foreshadows a formal discontinuation of a product ahead of new models.

Even Apple’s own retail stores are facing shortages of the Apple TV 2, as MacRumors notes.

Apple TV shortage

Signs of an Apple TV refresh have been piling up, as we head into the first week of March. A couple of weeks back, the Apple TV 2 disappeared from Best Buy’s catalog, with a store rep telling “At this point in time, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting [the Apple TV 2] back.”

References of an unannounced device has also made appearances in beta versions of iOS 5.1, in the form of the code name J33.

The third variation of the Apple TV is expected to add 1080p playback capabilities and an upgraded CPU, to complement the rumored Retina display equipped iPad 3.

Of course, Apple’s efforts to release a full blown television continue, with the company reportedly buying components for the TV from suppliers.

Apple’s media event is scheduled for the 7th of March, and it looks like Apple is gearing up to also launch Apple TV 3 alongside iPad 3.