Apple Offers Refunds to iPad 3 Customers in Australia Who Believe They Were Misled By “4G” Branding

As we reported earlier, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) was not happy with the way Apple and its carrier partners were using of the term “4G” in advertising the new iPad and planned to take action.

As we had pointed out, while Apple had taken care to avoid using the “4G” term on its website as much as possible, it should have categorically stated that the new iPad Wi-Fi + 4G model does not work with Telstra’s 4G LTE network to avoid any confusion since it was using the “4G” term.

ABC News reports that Apple is offering refunds to Australian customers who felt that they were misled by the use of the “4G” term.

Today Apple’s lawyers argued it was never specified the iPad could connect to Telstra’s network, but told the court the device is compatible with other networks that by international standards are deemed 4G. [..]

[..] The company says it will email purchasers offering a refund if they believe they have been misled. Clarifications will also be made at point of sale. 

Apple has also agreed to clarify that the new iPad’s 4G does not work with Telstra’s 4G LTE network. Though we don’t expect many new iPad users in Australia demanding a refund, we’re a little disappointed that Apple had to be pulled up by the regulator to make these changes, Apple should have ideally mentioned it from day one to avoid any confusion.