Apple to Introduce AppleCare+ For iPad For $99

AppleCare+ for iPad

Last year, when Apple launched iPhone 4S, it introduced AppleCare+ for iPhone for $99, which extends the 90 day technical support and one year of hardware repair coverage that you get when you buy an iPhone, to two years.

AppleCare+ for iPhone also includes coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage due to handling, with a deductible of $49 as service fee for replacement of devices. The replacement device could either be new or refurbished. AppleCare+ replaced AppleCare that was available for $69.

MacRumors now reports that Apple plans to introduce AppleCare+ for iPad, which will replace the current AppleCare that is available for $79.

9 to 5 Mac has also received similar information from their tipsters:

AppleCare +, which also covers accidental damage with a $49 deductible, for iPad has shown up on a number of occasions in EasyPay as a $99 option leading our tipsters to believe that it will debut tomorrow.

While accidental damage is not such a big issue with an iPad like iPhone 4S, which sports a glass back panel, it may be prudent to opt for something like AppleCare+ for iPad, if you’re clumsy like us and don’t plan to use a case.