FastBlurredNotificationCenter: Jailbreak Tweak Adds a Blurred Background to Notification Center More Quickly

BlurriedNCBackground is a cool jailbreak tweak that as the name suggests allows you to blur the Notification Center background.

The jailbreak tweak also allows you to change the color and the tint of the Notification Center, which by default comes with a boring grey background.

Since the process of blurring the Notification Center takes some time, the jailbreak tweak tends to slow down the opening of the Notification Center. Philippe – the developer of BlurriedNCBackground has added an option that allows you to blur the Notification Center asynchronously, which can be enabled via Settings to avoid this delay in opening the Notification Center, but it means that the blur effect takes some time to take effect.

Ryan Petrich released a new jailbreak tweak earlier in the week called FastBlurredNotificationCenter, which he says is a more efficient version of BlurriedNCBackground, which will reduce or get rid of the delay.

If you want to check out FastBlurredNotificationCenter then add the following URL to Cydia to add Ryan Petrich’s repo:, which like BlurriedNCBackground is also free on Cydia.

We prefer BlurriedNCBackground as the lag is hardly noticeable and we like the ability to change the color and tint of the Notification Center.

Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.